CHU Reader eBay

Looking for comic books, please check out CHU’s reader auctions for great books.

Comics Heating Up / Apopcomics (833) 100% Positive
Hoknes Comics (1877) 99.7% positive
Third Eye ComicsThird Eye Comics (9065) 99.8% Positive
minty-man-cave-comics Minty Man Cave Comics (137) 100% Positive
krs.2008 KRS 2008 (141) 100% Positive

Reader Auctions:

Ecooper3 (155) 100% Positive
Neanderthal Trading Co. (158) 100% positive
comicjackpot (1795) 100% positive
rjnieder77 (1221) 100% positive
sunfun_az (1132) 100% positive
baconcakebooks (650) 100% positive
ranxerox92541 Ranxerox (513) 100% Positive
Tapr00t86 (497) 100% Positive
dontyolo(337) 100%
Zen Trader (210) 100% Positive
wildchile77 (52) 100%
mjrubosky2010 (25) 100%
fly_byv8 (67) 100% Positive
Mattmurdock77-us– (33) 100% Positive
treazyradioshow– (44) 100% Positive
Kacey's Comic Realm (326) 99.3% Positive

33 Responses to CHU Reader eBay

  1. Need Brock Sampson to re-send his link as well as, fly_by8’s

  2. melthemovieguy says:

    formerly treazyradioshow now
    speculators_edge_comics(81)100% positive

  3. jerry says:

    comic-speculator (690)
    100% positive feedback

  4. could i be added to the list, Tony?

    username – Storage_A4

  5. ed varuolo says:

    Would love to be listed, too!
    Hypnotronic has Bronze issues aplenty!

  6. gambeast5533 says:

    I’d love to be added, if possible.


  7. Vince says:

    I’d love to be added to that list if possible.

    vance_vintage_comics_and_more(282) 99.6%


    Love the site, and would love to get added to the list! Thanks!

  9. Love the site! Is it possible to get listed, if so how? Thank you! Below is my ebay page

    jagcomixgk is my user name and I have 100% positive feedback, next month I will be Top Rated.

    Thank you!

  10. Jonathan Carrasco says:

    Hey there. Please include my ebay page.

    userID: joncarr000

  11. Naiot says:

    Hi, so how does one go about having their ebay store link here? Thanks in advance. Love what you guys do here.

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