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Anthony H. has been reading and collecting comics for 30 years. He used his knowledge to frequent message boards and give tips and advice on buying hot comics for flipping on the secondary market. Instead of giving out the advice on other people’s sites all the time, he brought that experience into launching a site of his own in 2013. It has grown immensely since then. In addition to comics he has a love of collecting toys, video games, and movies, but nothing tops his love for the two greatest things in his life, his sons.

We use this philosophy:
Anyone can tell you that a Walking Dead number 1, a Chew number 1, a Peter Panzerfaust number 1, or a Thief of Thieves number 1 can make you a lot of money on eBay. But you cannot walk into a comic shop and get those books. We tell you the books that are on the rise that you can still find in comic shops. We speculate and give you hard data on what coming out might be a good flip-able book.

We use several sources for our data. We look at eBay listings all the time. We look at eBay listing metrics. We look at recently closed auctions. We read message boards, and news sites. We look at Diamond Distributor’s Final Order Cut off and Advanced re-order lists.

Check us out, Read us regularly, and profit!

Please note: Comic speculation involves risk, past performance does not suggest future returns. Site is for informational use only. Please only buy on what you are comfortable with.

Please note: we reserve full editorial control, any comment deemed inflammatory in anyway will be deleted. Free speech exists, but keep it pleasant, we want to stay upbeat and positive. Anyone violating this simple rule will be placed on the spam list.

Got a tip, comment, or question? Email us at apopcomics@gmail.com
Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/comicsheatingup
We are always looking for content partners, if you have a story idea, email us at the address above. If we use your story we will give full writing credits and link to your site or blog.

2 Responses to About

  1. The Dakoit says:

    Hey Comic Flipper,
    I was wondering if you would know or anyone who knows the print numbers of the hottest selling books of 1992?
    I scoured the internet to find print numbers for:
    Spawn #1
    Superman #75
    Amazing Spiderman #365
    Venom Lethal Protector #1
    Wild C.A.T.S #1
    Spiderman 2099 #1

    The totals I found were for:
    Spawn #1: 1.75 million
    Superman #75: 4 million
    ASM #365 ?
    VLP# 1 ?
    WC #1 ?
    SM 2009 #1 ?

    The rest…I can’t find for the life of me! Can you shed some light on this, or know someone who can, I would really appreciate it, as it is part of my new blog post. just send a reply to my personal email: nroy3@hotmail.com or n_chuckles@yahoo.com

    Thanks a heap,

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