Wednesday Winners

It is nice to walk in to your local shop on Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nice when a few days later the books you picked up are worth multiple times cover price. These are Wednesday Winners.

First up is the Green Arrow #48 Neal Adams Variant. There are copies up for sale at the $10 range but there have been sales up to $15.

Its a pretty cool sideways cover, more DC covers next week coming up like this, with pencil art by classic artist Neal Adams.

Adams has done many classic Green Arrow images.



Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant is the big winner of the week. Sales on this cover have been hitting the $30 range.

Frank Cho just ended his run on the book. As series go on, print runs tend to go down, so with a new artist, stores may not have ordered as many as the demand called for. Great looking cover plus demand plus low supply equals an increase in price. Mel reported back to me that the book has survived the under cutting phase, which means this one could stick. Think Batgirl #23 Joshua Middleton Cover

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  1. D-Rog says:

    FYI- The HQ link sends you to the green arrow eBay search.

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