Punisher Season 2 Full Trailer

The full trailer for Punisher Season 2 dropped online today. Looks very promising let us know what you think.

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8 Responses to Punisher Season 2 Full Trailer

  1. David Billadeau says:

    Awesome! Glass comes out the same day!
    Looking forward to seeing both!

  2. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    loved this .the punisher has come a long way baby since 1989.now I have some bad news for you.i feel that once the season airs and ends that this is the end for the punisher on Netflix dam shame but my boy mickey mouse loves his money and is amajor player #testify blind adam out

  3. Andrew c says:

    The Alice in Chains did the trailer justice! Looks awesome!

    • Garrett Renken says:

      Agreed, kinda makes me wonder if the old movies would’ve been better with some chains in the background.

  4. Shane Fyffe says:

    Wow! That looks great, can’t wait to watch it.

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