Scalped from Vertigo being adapted for TV

The The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Jason Aaron’s Scalped, from Vertigo, has been optioned for TV.

Scapled is described as a crime noir set on a Native American reservation. Banshee’s Doug Jung will pen the script and executive produce the Warner Horizon Television drama.

Of course, with announcements come price hikes, Scalped #1 is no different. There are only a couple on eBay, starting at $7.99. There is one on Amazon, listed at $99.99 (pass). There is an interesting listing for a 9.2 Scalped: Indian Country TPB Volume #1 Graded Comic 9.2 up for sale.

Needless to say, if you have them, now might not be a bad time to sell a copy as there are only a few up.

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8 Responses to Scalped from Vertigo being adapted for TV

  1. jeff says:

    Put mine up and in 3 hrs it sold for $130

  2. drewbentley says:

    Seems there is no longer a “few” listed.. news breaks, eBay erupts.. the marketplace just got flooded with Scalped #1’s 😉

    • drewbentley says:

      Well, seems some of the newly listed are the variant “what’s next” editions..

    • Yup. Last night there were three on eBay going for $7.50 at auction and some buy it nows asking $99.99. The push to market usually comes pretty quick as people have been waiting for this announcement. This was a strong guess from a lot of people on message boards after the “there will be more Vertigo announcements” following iZombie’s tv announcement.

  3. Wiley Smith says:

    Can’t remember if someone mentioned this but DMZ #14 features a Scalped #1 preview which predates Scalped so wouldn’t this be Dash Bad Horse’s 1st appearance?

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