Picks of the week 5/1/13

I am getting this one out a little early this week. Here are my picks of the week for Wednesday 5/1/13.

1. Ten Grand by J. Michael Straczynski and Ben Templesmith. This one is on the list for several reasons. One, it is the return of JMS to a monthly series. Two, art by 30 days of night creator Templesmith. Three, it has been called John Constantine done right (sorry New 52 Constantine). Finally, because it was featured on the Advance Reorder List from Diamond comics. See it here.

2. Also on the list is Polarity #2. A great story of a guy who stopped taking his meds for bi-polar and suddenly gained super powers. #1 sold well and gained a bit on the secondary market.

Also out this week are a couple of cheap trade paper backs worth picking up.

1. Bedlam Vol.1 from Nick Spenser. Madder Rose, a Joker-esque character gets “cured” and goes about helping the police to solve a series of brutal crimes. The first story arch is fantastic and features art by Riley Rossmo. At $9.99 this is worth the pick up.

2. Great Pacific Vol.1 Trashed comes out this week from Image as well, and also value priced at $9.99. This is one of my favorite new books and wish that is would get the exposure it deserves. Joe Harris spins the tale of Chaz Worthington who claims the great floating pile of plastic in the Pacific Ocean to start a country. It features pirates, nukes, and a giant squid. Yup, giant squid. Worth the look. Amazon has this for $6.14 or 33% off.


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