‘Rachel Rising’ optioned for Tv

MTV and several other news sites are reporting the Indy Gem ‘Rachel Rising’ by Terry Moore has been optioned for a tv series.

Terry Moore, best known for his 1990’s book ‘Strangers in Paradise’ and for more recently ‘Echo,’ has another hit in his hand with the “thinking man’s” horror book ‘Rachel Rising.’ With it being optioned for a tv show, could prices be on the rise like with ‘Sixth Gun.’


Yeah they have started to shoot up. One copy sold for $200 while other copies have b.i.n for $75-$99. We have to see how auctions end for a true price but this one is out of the stable.

Issues 1-6 going for $75 currently with 60 views and 17 watchers.

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5 Responses to ‘Rachel Rising’ optioned for Tv

  1. Simon says:

    prices already are shooting up!

    • comicflipper says:

      Yeah I saw that one copy went for $200 already while other copies are going for $75-100 I found two copies of #1 in a dollar bin today. These are days a secondary market guy like me love.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m worried about a bubble here;
    With ork stain re-starting I wonder if someone knows anything about the pages of #1, I understand that there is one version matte and one glossy…..

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